Excellence in Precision Oncology (ExPO2021)

Thank you for the overwhelming response and your participation, making the inaugural Excellence in Precision Oncology (ExPO) Summit such a huge success.

Leading the Way to the Future of Cancer Care

With the theme as “Leading the Way to the Future of Cancer Care,” the inaugural ExPO forum celebrated and inspired the cancer survivors, as well as recognized the contributions of experts, leaders and the stakeholders. Some of the participants included, Genentech, Roche, Gilead Sciences, Kaiser Permanente, El Camino Health, UCSF, Harvard and many more SMEs and academic organizations. ExPO brought over 20 speakers, experts and thought leaders in precision oncology field, who shared their wisdom with over 150 attendees. The attendees included celebrity supporters, top cancer scientists, oncologists, cancer patient advocates, entrepreneurs, investors, industry executives, all gathered together with a common goal to prevent and cure cancer. A special thanks to the bay area’s finest artists and performers for such an elegant and heartfelt opening, the music concert, the songs and the tango dances!

ExPO2019 a sold-out event!

I am so thankful to ExPO2021 program committee’s tireless efforts for making it all happen. I am so thankful to all of you for sharing the ‘moment of silence’ with me to honor those who we have lost to cancer. This was such a unique and uplifting event; I feel like somehow, we all are bonded together at a higher plane. We sincerely thank you for efforts in making ExPO a sold-out event! Our sincere apologies to many folks who we were unable to accommodate due to space limitations, and a stringent security policy at Salesforce. Stay tuned for ExPO2021! which will be a two-day conference and we welcome your participation.

ExPO a green sustainable event 

We thank our partner Salesforce, who provided such a unique venue, Ohana Floor of Salesforce Tower East to host this enlightening event! Salesforce is such a great partner for ExPO as our culture and values align very well. As you may have noticed, ExPO was a green sustainable event (the fruits, vegetables and drinks that were served were all organic, grown in local SF Bay area farms). And thanks to you, we also achieved our goal to generate zero plastic waste. We also thank our promotional partners that included, CLSA, CLSI, DANS2021, CABS, HIMSS Health 2.0 and JLABS, for all their help and support in promoting ExPO.

ExPO a movement to take the War on Cancer to new heights

ExPO is turning in to a movement, advanced by thought leaders, cancer survivors, celebrity supporters, artists and folks who are excited to take the War on Cancer to new heights. The inaugural ExPO was such a great learning experience to many. We have received positive feedback from many of our speakers, celebrity supporters, cancer survivors, partners and attendees at the event. And will keep gathering the feedback to improve ourselves. Please do share your comments, feedback and pictures with sheila@dans.ai. Also, we highly encourage you to share your thoughts; experiences on social media (remember to use #AAPMExPO, #AAPMExPO) and support the cause.

See you at the AAPM Annual Meeting 2021

Now that ExPO is a huge success, we are much excited about AAPM2021 Annual Meeting at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA. We encourage you to please get your tickets for AAPM2021 before they are all sold out!

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you again at the AAPM2021!