Global COVID-19 Healthcare Solutions Virtual Hackathon by the American Association of Precision Medicine on June 26-29

The American Association of Precision Medicine (AAPM) is hosting a global COVID-19 healthcare solutions hackathon on June 26 through June 29. AAPM’s Coronavirus Taskforce (ACT) is inviting the global community to join the ACT2HACK COVID hackathon (

Eligible to participate in this event are data scientists, software engineers, healthcare professionals, domain experts, hackers, data curators, UX designers, digital health experts, entrepreneurs, startups, and other community members.

“Although the pandemic has disrupted our lives, it has accelerated innovation and collaboration in unprecedented ways,” said AAPM CEO Dr. Prasun Mishra. “This hackathon calls for teams to hack various COVID-19 data sets. An important part of the event will be building software solutions to aid clinicians in the field of  precision medicine, which focus on health determinants that include genomics, environment, and lifestyle.  Every day we hear of someone who has lost their brother, sister, mother, father, friend, or loved one. This is an open invitation to all to join forces and accelerate the pace of innovation through collaboration to save lives.”

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