AAPM’s taskforce ACT in a mission to help India

In the last few days, India has seen a slight dip in rising COVID cases and along with it the daily recovery cases have been taking over the daily confirmed cases.

While this might come as a breather for the country, it is in no way near to being safe and walking out. Thousands of families are still finding it hard to get proper medical help and many hospitals still too full to accommodate any new patients, and essential equipment are still too difficult to find.

Like countless organizations that have come forward to help the country back on its two feet, American Association for Precision Medicine (AAPM), a nonprofit organization, has stepped up its effort to raise funds to help India fight COVID-19.

At the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, in January 2020, AAPM assembled the AAPM Coronavirus Taskforce (ACT), which was the first global COVID-19 taskforce created in the world. When the news of the second wave hit, ACT volunteers sprang into action to find innovative ways to help ease the situation in INDIA.

ACT is a global network of proactive physicians, experts in clinical, scientific, technical, and advocacy backgrounds focused on helping the community amid the COVID-19 crisis.

In its blog post, it said that “We have been helping hospitals and healthcare systems since the dawn of the pandemic. At present, ACT volunteers have been working tirelessly in India to identify and help hospitals and healthcare systems in need.”

They also mentioned that they have been partnering with various leading hospitals and health care organizations in India.

The blog post said, “We have been a part of a hospital-level effort by a group of proactive physicians, public health professionals, and volunteers who have been collaborating with the Governments of India and the USA to help fight India’s present COVID-19 battle. The group has been supplying ventilators, oxygen concentrators, BiPAP Machines, and drugs to the hospitals – at no cost.”

Actor Anupam Kher and the Anupam Kher Foundation as part of their aid helping out with the distribution of the COVID-19 aid to hospitals in India.

ACT is also working on building an online digital physician consulting service to help patients. Its volunteers are also working in the rural areas, where they are partnering with local hospitals and clinics to establish small community hospitals in the underserved areas to save the lives of rural patients.

“We are offering training to nurses and doctors to be able to properly treat infectious disease patients,” said Prasun Mishra, Ph.D., founding president and CEO of the American Association for Precision Medicine (AAPM), and chair of AAPM coronavirus taskforce, the first Global COVID-19 Taskforce.


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