Excellence in Precision Oncology

AAPMExPO celebrates/inspires the cancer survivors and recognizes the contributions of the leaders in the field. Provides a unique forum to share insights to achieve the common goal to prevent and cure cancer.

AAPM Innovation Center

AAPM innovation center is bringing together top cancer scientists, oncologists, technology leaders, cancer patient advocates, entrepreneurs and investors to create new solutions to impact lives of patients in the clinic.

Rare Disease Initiative

AAPM’s Rare Disease Initiative advocates drug development for rare disease patients. We advocate and catalyze research and development in the field of precision medicine to help rare disease patients.

Helping Children with Disease

AAPM provides many resources free of cost to families and children suffering from cancer and other diseases including finding best possible care within our network of physicians, hospitals and care providers.

Woman in Precision Medicine

AAPM Women in Precision Medicine (WiPM) community recognizes women’s scientific achievements and fosters their career development. WiPM also trains women to take leadership role in PM-field.

Prevention Initiative

Chronic diseases are often preventable/ manageable through early detection, improved diet, exercise, and treatment. AAPM prevention initiative advocates for healthy living, prevention and proactive care.